Palmetto Health Uses AiRISTA Flow RTLS and Cisco MSE v7.5 to Improve Operational Efficiency


Palmetto Health in Columbia, South Carolina, is the leading provider of health services in the region offering inpatient and outpatient services including general, acute and critical care. The 1,138-bed health system has more than 8,400 employees and 1,000 physicians and serves as a vital fixture of the community.

Palmetto Health is recognized for its dedication to adopting advanced IT initiatives that improve the safety and quality of care. Palmetto Health wanted to give hospital managers visibility into equipment locations in order to improve coordination, communications and collaboration between caregivers and other staff members. Real-time location technology could also reveal day-to-day workflows and provide intelligence that could be shared across facilities, revealing equipment utilization rates and ultimately improving equipment availability, and reducing patient wait times.


Palmetto Health implemented AiRITA Flow’s wire-free Real-Time Location System (RFID-over-Wi-Fi™) using their existing Cisco WLAN and Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE v7.5) to enable asset tracking at two facilities. AiRISTA Flow’s UVS™ RTLS hosted software along with AiRISTA Flow RTLS tags help caregivers instantly locate 1000 infusion pumps and other vital medical equipment on web-accessible facility maps. AiRISTA Flow’s RTLS software not only provides an asset’s location, it indicates its status and condition (e.g. in use/available, dirty/clean) thus making equipment more accessible to caregivers. AiRISTA Flow’s RTLS asset tracking tags also have two configurable buttons for sending alarms to convey conditional changes, such as when an asset needs to be serviced. AiRISTA Flow RTLS tags can also be configured and managed remotely, anywhere in the hospital, without having to recall tags or equipment.

AiRISTA Flow UVS RTLS software also minimizes shrinkage at Palmetto Health by ‘geo-fencing’, i.e. alerting staff if equipment enters user-defined “restricted” zones such as exit areas. AiRISTA Flow UVS™ also automatically measures equipment par levels and asset utilization rates, providing unique business intelligence that can improve long-term equipment placement strategies, purchasing plans and overall availability. AiRISTA Flow RTLS is integrated with Cisco’s Mobility Services (MSE v7.5) which centralizes location data across the Palmetto Health campuses and improves the ease of data sharing on site, lending scale to the RTLS deployment. Leveraging the Cisco and AiRISTA Flow RTLS deployment, Palmetto’s management team also receives regular AiRISTA Flow reports on equipment utilization rates, par levels, turnaround times and can, therefore, optimize inventory to meet each facility’s unique demands, driving operational efficiency at Palmetto Health.

With AiRISTA Flow’s RTLS, Palmetto’s caregivers can spend less time searching for equipment and more time caring for patients.

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