AiRISTA Flow’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Alerting Solution Ensures Lone-Worker Safety at Babraham Campus


The Babraham Campus is a world-class research medical facility located in Cambridge, UK. The facility’s research focuses on understanding the biological mechanisms underpinning lifelong health and wellbeing. With a large campus encompassing 40+ buildings, and serving 500 employees, and 450 sponsored research employees, ensuring lone-worker safety and providing employees with a reliable means of requesting help, posed a challenge.


Babraham investigated a number of lone worker solutions and assessed over twenty-five, although none worked as promised. Rick Stocks, the Head of Security discussed his requirements with AiRISTA Flow’s UK partner, Qolcom. Their recommendation was for AiRISTA Flow’s lone worker safety alert solution using Real-Time Location detection and messaging software. The AiRISTA Flow RTLS solution was deployed by Qolcom, which provided Babraham’s wireless network solution (WLAN). Together, Qolcom and AiRISTA Flow  RTLS provided a reliable, effective location-based safety alerting solution and lone worker protection, using the facility’s Wi-Fi network.

Babraham’s research staff wear AiRISTA Flow active RFID badge tags on lanyards and when they need assistance, they press on of two colored buttons on the badge or pull down the badge to send an emergency alarm directly to the closest security team members. The AiRISTA Flow badge tag also creates automated man-down alerts if movement is not detected by its built-in motion sensor. In addition, the AiRISTA Flow RTLS solution also pinpoints the staff member’s exact location to reduce emergency response times to staff duress incidents. The benefits are the staff feel safe and confident at all times.

The AiRISTA Flow badge tag also features an LED text display that lets other nearby researchers know who is in trouble and where they are located. AiRISTA Flow RTLS is also being used for tracking high-value assets at the facilities. The AiRISTA Flow RTLS safety alerting solution ensures that lone workers can be tracked at all times, anywhere on campus, using searchable, real-time, web-based maps.

“We are really happy with the continued support from Qolcom and the on-going R&D support from AiRISTA Flow. Our employees now feel safe and confident knowing that they can be quickly and accurately located, even when they are alone, and the solution is cost-effective, as compared to other radio communications systems”, said Rick Stocks, Head of Security at Babraham.

“We would highly recommend Qolcom and AiRISTA Flow to our partners and we are working on a seminar to introduce the benefits of RTLS safety alerting to other research institutes”, Stocks adds.

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